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TW Blitz - Lightning Fast Trivia

Jun 8, 2023

Our three most recent winners are back for the Wave 33 championship. Join John Speas, Will Gilbert, and Bing Kao as they battle it out for the hypothetical Wave 33 crown! Enjoy!

May 4, 2023

Blitz is back! This week, we're wrapping up the first round of Wave 32 with David Abolafia, Jamie Toon, and Paul McLaughlin! Listen to them battle it out in our fast-paced trivia game.

Jun 30, 2022

Leslie Hyman, Dan Felsenheld, and Chuck Yu join Tim this week to battle it out and find see who will come out on top and get to return in a few weeks for the Wave championship. Enjoy!

Jun 23, 2022

This week, we're kicking off Wave 32 with a match between Rob Worman, David Fudor, and Albert Thomas. Listen in, play along, and see who comes out on top!

Jun 9, 2022

Our past three champs - Jonathan Schwanbeck, Rowan Ward, and Jack O'Neill return this week to see who will get to wear the hypothetical Wave 31 crown! Listen in and play along.