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TW Blitz - Lightning Fast Trivia

Jul 30, 2020

Wave 15 is now well under way. This week, it’s Bobby Gottfried, Kat Thompson, and Adam Speas going head to head to head for the chance to come back for the wave championship. Listen in, play along, and enjoy!

Jul 23, 2020

Today we kick off Wave 15 of Trivial Warfare: BLITZ as Kantad Svendsgaard, Asha Ouseph, and Rob Cotter face off. Tune in to find out who will be coming back in a few weeks for the Wave 15 Championship!

Jul 16, 2020

Addy Lewis, Jonathan Oakes, and Toni Rask are all back for a special (but unplanned) international Blitz wave championship. Tune in, get ready to laugh, and find out who will be coming back yet again for the season championship.

Jul 9, 2020

This week, it’s Toni Rask, Shara Hinkel, and Brittany Shaw facing off in the third game of Wave 14. Listen in and find out who will be returning next week for the Wave 14 championship!

Jul 2, 2020

Tamara Fleishman, Brian Harris, and some guy you might’ve heard of named Jonathan Oakes take the stage this week on Blitz. Join Tim and our contestants and see who will be back for the wave championship! (Oh, and we promise Jonathan doesn’t get to see the answers ahead of time.)