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TW Blitz - Lightning Fast Trivia

Mar 25, 2021

Tim Leung, Will Krasnoff, and Sam Mitchell are here this week to continue Wave 22 of Blitz! Next week our winner will be back to compete for the Wave 22 crown! Enjoy!

Mar 18, 2021

This week, we we continue Season 8, Wave 22 with a great match between Paul Hendrickson, Jon Bowman and Erin Trudeau. Enjoy!

Mar 11, 2021

This week, we kick off Season 8 as well as Wave 22 of Trivial Warfare: Blitz! Alan Page, Bryan Nash, and Chris Scholes join Tim to see who will advance on to the next level. Enjoy!

Mar 4, 2021

Rob Worman, Jeremy Cahnmann, and Rowan Ward, our winners from the past 3 waves, are back again this week to see who will be crowned winner of Blitz Season 7. (Note: there is no actual crown.) Join us and find out who wins!

(Note: One of our guests is introduced as a different name but goes by Rowan Ward)