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TW Blitz - Lightning Fast Trivia

Oct 28, 2021

Gabriel Ostler, Katie Sekelsky, and Rachel Shuman are here this week to wrap up the first-round games of Wave 26. Listen in, play along, and see who will be coming back for our championship next week!

Oct 21, 2021

This week Clint Givens, Greg Johnson, and Mads Røskar are going head to head to head in our fast-paced trivia extravaganza. Listen in and play along!

Oct 14, 2021

Clinton Reese, Jerry Filbin, and Simon Hood are here on BLITZ this week to kick off Wave 26. Listen in and play along!

Oct 7, 2021

Jason Borsom, Jamie Toon, and Deborah Wells are back again to see who will be crowned the champion of Wave 25. Tune in and enjoy!